Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hand-Me-Down Horror 19 - Spring is sprung

I finally got to try out the idea that I saw on the Burdastyle website, since I made the Zigga Zig Ah dress (  out of the pleated skirt I've been scouring the skirt racks for more, more, more, in fact more pleats please, my local and beloved $1 thrift store can't keep me stocked with enough pleated skirts.

This is such an easy peasy fix but I didn't follow the tutorial, in fact I didn't even use my scissors for this one, I just unpicked the waistband (and stitched up the opening to use as a matching belt), faced the raw edge with a Grosgrain ribbon (where the waistband was attached) stiched it down, unpicked 10 inches at the sideseams for the armholes and threaded a ribbon, job's a good'un.

The reason I opted for a different method of sewing this was that the skirt had such lovely pleats to begin with that if I double folded the top I would have trouble keeping the pleats looking their best, my way I got the look I wanted and kept the pleats I loved.

It's still too bloody cold here to wear it, I will admit to sashaying around my apartment in it during baby Noah nap time, in fact it was so floaty and light it made me feel like a 70's bond girl in a dreamy negligee pre seduction!!

 I can see I've had a ton of new readers from all over so say hi and tell me what you think of my blog, to my new reader from Augsburg, Deutschland I have actually visited Augsburg as a school girl believe it or not, small world huh?


emmalemma said...

I have also been to Augsburg, small world indeed!

This is adorable, by the way. I need to get to a thrift store, stat!

spidermom said...


The Jefferies said...


Ruby Murray said...

great idea!

Ruby Murray said...

Thanks Ella. Hope you manage to try this one out it is sooooo easy xoxo

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