Friday, February 25, 2011

Inspiration, do you Wist? or Pin?

Inspiration, it's the lifeblood of all your crafty endeavours, but how do you keep hold of your ideas when they strike you?

Are you a sketchbook user? I have hidden mine away ever since graduating in the hopes that no-one will ever find it and discover how bad I am at drawing. My teacher asked me once why I'd drawn a mans appendage complete with hair, to which I replied suitably embarassed, no you're holding it the wrong way, it's meant to be a lighthouse surrounded by rocks, yep that's the last time I 'experimented' with oil pastels.

I still use a sketchbook (a teeny weeny one) I admit, I much prefer images though but not being a lover of drawing (have you noticed how I love words more?!) I tend to write instructions to myself. Also minimal shame if said sketchbook is ever revealed!

A year or so ago I was introduced to which was great and I have a ton (over 700) projects just sat waiting for the right fabric, notions etc, but new on the scene (to me anyway) is Pinterest. In case you haven't yet discovered it, imagine a virtual sketchbook/ideas book of general loveliness of every imaginable category.

I loved the fact that I couldn't just sign up, I had to wait for an invitation, right up my street, and yes despite my $1 wardrobe I am a closet snob (excuse the pun). I'm a newbie user for sure, I have no idea how to add 'pins' from the internet, I couldn't even download the 'add pin' function to my favourites, and the invites I sent to friends have vanished into the ether... but I still love it <3

So if you find yourself stumped for ideas search for refashion at, and if I can ever work this thing out I'll send you an invite :)

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ruby murray said...

Eureka! just worked out how to invite people so if you're a follower then drop me a line if you want me to hook you up Pinterest style!

If you're not a follower, what are you waiting for? stop creeping around my blog and show me some love :)

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