All About me

I've been sewing and making do as long as I can remember, I just used to snip, cut and try to figure stuff out until the last 4 years when I actually bought my first very own sewing machine and then went to Fashion school.
When I was a kid, I was always sniffing around Charity shops/Thrift stores picking up treasures (to me, junk to others maybe) I've always been a smelly, long haired hippy interested in recycling and mostly making summink outta nuffink (UK speak!)

Things you should know about this blog:

I don't agree that you need a lot of fancy equipment to sew, your Grandma did it without a fancy this and a fancy that, if you have a simple sewing machine you can make anything I refashion, end of.
If I know how to do something quicker or easier I'll share it with you. 

What's the plan Ruby?

Well I'll be starting with world domination... then maybe have a light lunch and a power nap, after that I'd love love love to write my own book on Recycled crafting and refashioning clothes.

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