Sunday, May 4, 2014

Me Made May 2014 - My Pledge


Every Spring time I get the urge to sew sew sew, putting away the Sweaters and Boots, then taking them out again 3 days later because it snowed, repeat to fade until Spring really does appear.

No joke, I write this as we've had Shorts and Swimsuit weather and Snow in the same week, Sirrrrously Canada?! sort it out!

Despite receiving snow on my otherwise Springy dress parade, this year Me Made May has totally got me revved up for adding some  more Ruby Murray flavour to my wardrobe. I am pledging right here and now to wear something made by me every day of May. With the unpredictable Alberta weather some days it could be just a Hat and Scarf, but nonetheless something made by my fair 100 year old Seamstress looking mitts.


To kick off day 1 I dusted off some gorgeous, psychedelic Border print I'd been hoarding, the pattern came from the book "Chic and Simple Sewing" (book review to follow)and with a few alterations I love it.


Friends of RMR will know I love me some 70's business, so this ticked all my slightly odd requirements of a fabric print all in one ball of Starburst Pink Red and Navy loveliness.


Super pleased with how it turned, the hubby tried to convince me that their should be a starburst pattern on each boob, but whaddyaknow there wasn't quite enough fabric for me to make this happen :)

Lots more sewing in the works including Refashion Fridays where I'll be whipping this beauty into shape.
Yep, pulling out all the stops this year, flexing my sewing skills and dusting off the cobwebs on Big Bertha my industrial beast of a machine.

Wanna see my creations day by day? follow me on Instagram (RubyMurraysmusings) or my Facebook Page for more pics or to shoot me a message.

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