Tuesday, March 25, 2014

By Hand London - Free PDF Sewing Pattern


I know you guys love a freebie pattern and if sewing something fun to wear for Spring is on your radar then look no further than this super cute Polly top at By Hand London.

At this time of year I've taken as much as I can handle of this cat and mouse, is it? isn't it?, Spring vs Winter power struggle we endure here in Canada, and I start looking towards making some new Springy clothes.  Even if I do have to smother them in a snuggly Cashmere sweater, until I'm good and ready to officially come out of Canadian hibernation.

There is still snow on the ground, and Mittens and Scarf are a constant when leaving the house, but I'm daydreaming about sewing things, gulp, without sleeves, and shocked gasp, maybe even showing off my pasty English "Are those white tights you're wearing, no that's my skin!" drumsticks. True story!
Whilst you're checking out By Hand Londons Polly top, look for their Georgia dress, love this and both the variations of straps would work so well for day or night.


Until such times as the temperature is again above 0, I'm going to be working on my refashion pile and maybe even trying out this awesome pattern in a beautiful Silk I've been holding on to.

Who's up for some Spring/Summer refashioning? are you getting excited about Me-Made-May yet?

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