Monday, May 19, 2014

Kaftan to Maxi dress Refashion


I have been completely obsessed with my Me made May pledge, I've stuck to wearing a me made garment every day and even taken a (mostly crummy and sometimes headless) selfie for Instagram, which is big for me.  Every day seems like too often for me, I am just not a pc/laptop/social media every day kinda gal.

In fact if it's ever quiet around these here parts you know I'll be on a creative kick, hiding away rustling up something in my sewing room (formerly the 'lady cave' until I realised this sounds kinda, sorta, erm Gynaecological!) ok, (cue nervous giggle) moving on!

I picked up this beaute at a local thrift store for a princely sum of $5, now you know that I am super cheap so it must have spoken to me.


Excuse the awkward photos of me, Instagram has me on Selfie overdose at the mo, 19 days into Me made May and still haven't got into the selfie groove, hmm is that aging me? using the words 'selfie' and 'groove' in the same sentence? nah I'm still down with the hip cats :)

Ok wanna see the best bit about the dress? wait for it,


Bam! Party in the back!

Unnecessary bunching around the hem is me stepping on the dress, hubster is so reluctant to take a photo of me that I have to 'hop on it' anytime I think he might be willing.  He did pretty good, three shots and none of me a, looking like a troll b, sniffing or sneezing and only one unfortunate shot of me bending down adjusting my cleavage, all in all an A* for my man.
So can you see where I made the bust part from? The triangle sleeves worked perfectly when I hacked them off and used the underside seam, the straps were even reused as it originally had a waist casing score!

So what's next? some little girl sewing, if I can just wrangle my little Tasmanian devil into a non blurry shot in time for the next post.



Ruby Murray said...

Love the way you used the sleeves to make the lovely bodice.

Ruby Murray said...

Great refashion! It makes the perfect maxi dress!

Ruby Murray said...

Thanks Jill, really falling in love with refashion again. Can't wait to wear my new Maxi xoxo

Ruby Murray said...

Thank you Sue the triangular hem to the sleeves really pointed me in the right direction, a little more bust shaping and we were in business! Xoxo

Ruby Murray said...

Thank you my sweet friend, It was nice to try something different, it really paid off xoxo

Ruby Murray said...

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