Thursday, March 20, 2014

Handmade with Love

When I found out I was expecting my little lady I had romantic visions of sewing gorgeous little dresses and cutesy outfits, 2 years on and one solitary dress hangs in her wardrobe.

Whilst her closet is lacking, the rest of the room has a heavy helping of handmade loveliness, it literally is my favourite place in the house surrounded by crafted goodies in every corner.

It took me a full 2 years but her crib quilt is finished, pieced during my pregnancy with the help of Mr Ruby Murray and hand quilted in time for her 2nd birthday. Yes I'm late again but at least I'm consistent.


Isn't this fabric gorgeous? originally a thrifted skirt,it inspired the Red and White quilt colour scheme.

The whole quilt in its quilty entirety

To rest her head when she reads her favourite stories she has this colourful mix of me-made, and vintage cushions.

A scrappy string quilted cushion cover that has been loved to frayed pieces.

Gorgeous vintage linen repurposed into a frilly cushion a $5 purchase from my local Farmers market.

A thrifted Granny rose cushion cover takes pride of place.

Filling her room with these special touches feels to me like I'm snuggling with her even when we're away from each other. One of her favourite things to do is work her way around the room pointing and saying "You made that",and my reply is always the same, "Yes, because I love you".


Making handmade items for my children is as much a gift to myself.
 Walking in to both of their rooms I'm surrounded by happy memories, sentimental fabrics, special days out or simply a silly face or cheeky giggle.
I look forward to the raggedy versions sitting on my grandchildrens beds in years to come, that thought totally warms my cockles.

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