Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chicken Scratch Embroidery - Not for the birds!

Been so busy enjoying the gorgeous weather, soaking up the warm company of our visiting Nana Bonse over from Blighty, and generally starting infinitely more projects than I ever finish, that I quite forgot about my neglected blog.
I'm back now though, and don't go pretending you were waiting by the pc all that time, I saw you in the sun on the deck chairs with your socks and sandals on (shame on you!)

So what's with the Post title? My latest obsession this Summer has been a basic form of Embroidery called Chicken Scratch, or Amish Lace or for my fellow smelly Europeans Broderie Suisse.

So what the Dickens is it? basically a handful of stitches that when used together on Gingham fabric looks like Lace from afar, seriously that easy, the hardest thing about it is finding patterns for it. I have stumbled on only 3 (in print) in my whole crafty life.

The framed square design I just made up as I went along, using the Woven circle, Woven oval, Double Cross Stitch and running stitches.

Want more info on Chicken scratch?

Check out Kerri Mades Chicken scratch bookmarks tutorial a great tutorial on the stitches themselves and how to make some cute bookmarks to show off your stitches.

No tutorial here but some great inspiration for using Chicken scratch embroidery on everyday items.

So have a play, the designs come together quickly and with the barest of knowledge you can make something pretty with just a scrap of check fabric.

Knew about it all along? love to Chicken scratch? upload to instagaram under the hashtag #chickenscratch and show off your skills.






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