Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Recycled Denim Knitting Bag

So I'm feeling pretty pleased that I learnt to knit and I've even finished a few projects too. Yep I'm getting quite the stash of knitting needles, but where to store them away from the little people that insist on using anything remotely pointy as a weapon?

Cue my stash of worn out Jeans or Mount Levi if you will. This only took one cut off trouser leg (knee down) so is totally do-able for those without my Recycling depot sized Denim Mountain in their basement.


This particular pair had a lovely red stitch line on the inside so I flipped them inside out and used the serged seam as a feature, popping some pale blue Piping in there and adding my beloved Medal Ribbon scraps in for good measure.

Check out my other completely non Sports Day uses for Medal Ribbons here HERE


This is TOTALLY on my Tutorials to do list for when I get a child free moment hmmm maybe pencilling it in for 18yrs from now?!

It's really roomy, can fit two 100g balls of Yarn in, and every single set of Needles I have and still has space enough for a knitting pattern. Now if only I could burrow in there too and get some sweet uninterrupted knitting time.



Ruby Murray said...

Gorgeous little knitting bag Ruby! Great upcycle!

Ruby Murray said...

Thanks Jill going to link up to your Denim thread xx

Ruby Murray said...

This is awesome, my mum would love this, she is crazy about knitting!

Ruby Murray said...

Thanks Zoe that's so kind. I hope you make one for your Mum when I get a chance to rustle up the tute x

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