Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Sewing Maxi Style

It's a fair cop Guv' I've been enjoying our UK visitor and the amazing Edmontonian Summer, my camera has just about given up and my pc (yep still flogging that dead horse, no laptop for me) has all but rolled over and died. In true stubborn Taurean style, I will not be beaten though, so prepare to cringe at some crummy phone camera blogging.

I've been desperate to get back to sewing clothing and quite frankly hate everything in my wardrobe You know how it goes, get pregnant,  inflate like a life saving device with the rip cord yanked out, then give birth, deflate like a beach Lilo, slow and indistinguishable to the untrained eye.

Well, this beach Lilo has now got back to her pre baby, fighting weight so get your mince pies (eyes)round this super duper Maxi I rustled up using an existing cross over dress as a pattern, and squint at the clearly miniscule photo I could find to show you the full dress, Gah phone camera!.

I just fell in love with the fabric, it's as soft as Pj's, and the pattern reminds me of a Summer sunset, and the best bit? it was $2.50 a mtr. Gotta love a new dress for less than $10

Outside a nearby school, I love that the photo looks like it says Holy Crap either side of my noggin!
I have more plans for refashioning too, no idea how I'll get decent photos on the old Blogeroo but I'm soldiering on people, so bear with me!


Ruby Murray said...

Lovely fabric and a great dress Ruby!! Glad to hear you're having a good summer! :)

Ruby Murray said...

Thanks Jill, enjoying it too much, not much in the way of blogging going on!

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