Sunday, April 14, 2013

DIY Doll crown

Another project from a recent gift made for my BFF's youngest daughter, Lilly is the proud Mama to a new American Doll so I had to mark the occasion with not one but two princess Crowns, one for the little girl and one for Daisy her doll.

These look pretty fancy but they started off as some large metal rings at Michaels (meant as bag handles possibly) and some 14 Gauge electrical wire and some Dollar store beads Ahem, I mean real live Pearls and Gems.

Don't you just love those projects you can make from beginning to end because you have everything in 'stock'. I think that also begins to hint at how much crafty stuff I have just hanging around awaiting the next great idea.

Glueing on the sequin trim I actually learnt how NOT to burn myself on a hot glue gun, genius and so simple idea.
Instead of using your fingers to press down the thing that you're glueing, use a glue stick and press down, then roll it over the glued area to wind up all the glue strings.
Yep no burns, despite much protestation that I had fingers made of Asbestos, they turned out to be just the regular, plain, old, flesh and bone burny type of digits, that could explain many years of blistered finger tips, but not anymore!



A fun project for  a cute little girl, so nice to be able to get unabashedly girly for a change.
Coming up, THE vintage ribbon sample project I have had finished for Agggges, a Cross Stitch biggy, the sweater refashion I shared on my FB page oh allsorts of gubbins ;)


spidermom said...

thank you thank you thank you!
these are by far the best crowns ever! Lilly and Daisy both feel perfectly royal :)

spidermom said...

also, CANNOT WAIT to see the ribbon project!!!

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