Thursday, March 7, 2013

Milk Bottle Top Mini Embroidery Hoop

I love me some Milk Bottle tops, I seriously collect every single one of those badboys and have an embarassingly huge stash. Well this cute little sucker started out as a Milk Bottle top, yeah seriously it did.
I took part in a Craftster Tiny House swap recently, and could not decide on what to make for my partner, in the end I made two different houses one decorative and one a functional useable bonafide (fill in the blanks, sorry swap pard'ner so spoilers, not on my watch!)
This was just a see how it goes cross stitch no pattern deal and I think it turned out so cute, what isn't there to love about something teeny tiny, pink and with a bow on top. 
Fancy making one of your own? Check out my tutorials page for your step by step instructions. They work up quickly as you can imagine and are a great way to use up the scraps of Aida after framing a larger cross stitch piece.
Coming up? Those amazing ribbons? finally a teeny tiny taster of a larger project that's in the works.


LimeRiot said...

How adorable!! Did you stitch this under a microscope?? SO teeny tiny and SO cute :).

Wendy said...

that is so cute!

La Marïmantah! said...

Que casita tan preciosa. me encanta!

La Marïmantah! said...

Que casita tan preciosa. Me encanta!

Ruby Murray said...

Thanks my lovelies, I could get quite addicted to making these and knowing one less Milk Jug lid is in the landfill makes these even more adorable to me anyway.

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