Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tutorial - Crochet Edged Notebooks


Ok finally done it, one shaky, very awkward video tutorial to make my Crochet Edged Notebooks.

They make great gifts, look super cute, work up really quickly and who doesn't need a little extra Crochet happiness in their lives.

It's literally just a Single Crochet edging but to help you start off here are a few photos and a video just in case.

What you'll need

Notebook your required size
Crochet Hook (2.55mm or similar size)
Embroidery Floss
Hole Punch/Crop-a-Dile
Yarn Needle
Nail Polish or glue

Take your notebook and make some holes roughly the same distance apart and away from the edge, seriously a rough guess is fine.



Notice the corner holes are closer together, this makes Crocheting around the bed on the cover easier.


Make a Slip Knot
With your Hook in the front and your thread behind the book cover push your hook through the first hole at the spine of the book, starting at the bottom edge.
Hook the thread and pull it through the hole

Like this
Now proceed to Single Crochet, Hook through catch thread, Yarn Over, Pull through

One Sc made, I chose to make 3 Single Crochet in each hole, I made another notebook where I alternated between 2 or 3Sc and that also looked, just play around and see which look you prefer.

Continue around until you get to the corner, then either add one more single Crochet to each hole or add a Chain in between the two corner holes.
Complete the front and the back separately, i.e. Fasten off after completing the cover and weave the tail ends in but secure with a dab of nail polish to keep from unravelling.
That was it, easy huh. I hope this makes sense, photographing yourself Crocheting is hard work, as is deciphering those photos afterwards so bear with me, but nothing was as tough as convincing your husband to tape you Crocheting ;)

Go easy on me folks I suck at video tutes x
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