Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jil Sander DIY Leather Paper Bag


Mama's got a brand new bag, yup I'll be Brown bagging it in style! or at least I would be if this wasn't a gift for a too hip Teen across the border.

Have been loving the Paper bag Leather clutches from Jil Sander recently and I just happened to have this brown paper bag looking Leather in my oh too enormous stash so I got busy. I added some extra stitching to what would usually be fold lines on a paper bag, to give the bag more structure, it worked a treat and gave it enough form to stand on its own.
All folded ready for another day.
 This was a quick easy sew even using Leather, a few missed stitches but overall nothing too disastrous. The whole bag takes a simple rectangle and it could easily be made by repurposing an old Leather skirt, got a pair of Trousers in your refashion pile? even better.
I have a Tutorial in the works for this, cruising my beloved Pinterest for Tutorials the only ones I could find were using glue and were a bit too basic for what I wanted so look forward to that my lovelies.
Sssspppppeaking of refashions, remember once upon a time I used to refashion clothing? like a lot? you didn't? check out my Hand Me Down Horror series HERE and just keep on scrolling.  
Wellll I'm back on it, I have a huge pile to refashion and a year on from my gorgeous girl being born I seriously need clothes without suspicious shoulder dribble stains, so I'm back on the sewing machine and getting snippy with it.
Watch this space ;)


LimeRiot said...

This is awesome! I'd love to carry my groceries in style like this :). I'll watch for the tute!

Excited to see your refashions making a comeback!!

Ruby Murray said...

Thanks so much Lime, It's easier than it looks for sure.


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