Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tutorial: Milk Bottle Top Cheese & Wine Flags

I have a great group of crafty buddies that are, in a word fabulous.
Since we are all Mums and needed a legitimate reason to get our wine on mid afternoon, we organised a Cheese and wine afternoon.
The venue was a beautiful old hunting lodge that is Canadas second oldest shooting club and dates back to pre 1900's, it had log fires, amazing views, a stone bar and a huge kitchen, it was an amazing venue, even with the Taxidermy specimens on the walls, even a tree hugging, anti-Gun, Wheezy Asthmatic Vegetarian like my good self had fun there.
Being the recycling nut I am, I rustled up these Cheese flags using tooth picks, Milk Bottle tops and an old Atlas.

Pretty self explanatory to reproduce these at home:
Using a Sharpie (permanent marker) write the name of the Country on the Milk Bottle Top
Cut out the flag with one cm additional space to the left, glue and roll up on the toothpick.
Poke toothpick into the Milk Jug lid.
my favourite all important step: Get your Cheese and wine on.

Even improvised a Blackboard, with some cheapy Dollar Store paint and some post Christmas toy packaging, who knew recycling could be this sophisticated ;)
What's up next? Two tutorials, one for a baby friendly kid craft and one as requested for the Crochet edged Moleskin-alikes. Birthday craziness is upon us in Ruby Murray heights so stay tuned.


LimeRiot said...

What a great idea!! Also, that cheese plate looks amazingly yummy. My stomach is growling :).

Jill said...

Neat idea Ruby! Like I needed another excuse to get out the cheese and wine! :)

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