Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tutorial GIANT Baby Crayons

(Don't worry, you don't need a GIANT baby for this tutorial, I know kinda misleading huh?! Just a regular sized one will do)
We've all seen the tutorials for melt your own crayons, and they are great, and perfectly serviceable butttt my kids can fit a dozen in their mouths at once, sooooo I need them BIG. Have similar baby crayon munchies? then warm up your oven and raid the Crayon tub.
What you'll need:
A stack of old Crayons
Small Cupcake sized Foil Cake pans
Top Tip: Only use decent crayons, Crayola are great, Dollar store brands are more wax than pigment and the wax will separate into a waxy non colouring surface to the crayon, not good.
1. Remove paper wrappers (soak in water if difficult, you may need to scrape with a knife to remove some tough residue)
2. Separate into desired colour arrangements and snap into small pieces
3. Preheat oven to 350F
4. Pop in individual foil cake pans and place in baking tray. Cook for 15 mins or until fully melted into a crayon soup
5. Wait for them to cool
6. Any rough edges just scribble on paper to 'sand' them nice and smooth.
Since they are hand sized these are great for young children, they can't swallow them (too big) and they are easy to pick up for even 1 year olds and below
Note: Check crayons are non toxic before using, also non toxic and edible are too very different things. You won't want your baby gnawing on these so always use under supervision.

Baby girl testing out the too big to eat theory


Action Shot
A stack of these would make great gifts, they last ages and won't snap if you make them thick enough. They are a perfect take along craft for long journeys and they're guaranteed not to roll under the table of your Camper Van ;)


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spidermom said...

lovely idea! and who doesn't love melting stuf???

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