Monday, January 21, 2013

Getting knitty with it

A new year a brand spanking new craft. I finally get how to purl, it's like a whole new crafty language makes sense to me now.

Can't wait to get cracking on some fresh projects.

This teeny tiny knit was an experiment to see if I could knit with toothpicks and you know what? I can. Just sand them briefly with fine sandpaper to save any snags.

Wouldn't this make a cute way to make dolls house blankets to scale?

So what crafty intentions do you have this year? New skills, new craft. Anything seems possible in January doesn't it.


spidermom said...

toothpick knitting is completely MAD!!! girl i just love you!

get your butt down here and teach me how to knit now, ok?

spidermom said...

since i already have tried out eleventy different types of crafts, i intend to finish projects when i start them instead of getting bored/frustrated/distracted and stuffing them somewhere...

see how i said that with so much conviction???

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