Saturday, January 12, 2013

Edmonton Reuse Centre - Exciting News

I haven't mentioned it before because, well working with City projects can take time...buttttt I recently started blogging for the City of Edmonton Reuse Centre, they even started the blog on my suggestion.

It all started last Summer when I won Second prize in the Reused Art contest for my Medal Ribbon Union Jack. A few phone calls, emails and meetings involving me babbling like an over excited schoolgirl about milk bottle tops and such and it was in the bag.

Heck I even got nominated for an Innovation award! Ok so I didn't scoop the Gold with that one but if I was a DVD cover I could still say Oscar nominated right?!

WWW.REUSEITEDMONTON.BLOGSPOT.COM went on line in December and features recycling projects, tutorials, news and inspiration on the theme of Reuse and Recycling with a crafty twist. Some of my previous projects will be shared on there but lots of fresh content from me and the rest of the gang.

Really excited that I can help the city doing something I love and hope you lovely people will follow me there too.


Jill said...

How exciting Ruby! Congrats!! I'm off to check out the site now!

LimeRiot said...

Oh my gosh!! How neat!! BIG congratulations to you. I'm heading over to the blog now :).

Terri said...

That is awesome news! I think your re-use and re-cycle projects are brilliant.

Ruby Murray said...

Jill and Lime, thank you so much for checking out the site it'ds an exciting venture for sure.

Terri thank you so much for the lovely compliment, the recycled crafts are always my favourite xoxo

tim riggins said...

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