Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tutorial - PomPom Monogram

I've been meaning to do a Monogram project for soooo long and when I found these coloured pompoms in the $ store it was game, set and match, another colourful addition to baby girls hoopla wall.

What you'll need:

A ton of mini pompoms (fingertip size) if you happen upon this brand I used 6 packs because I mixed the colours up, if you're just using one colour range then 5 should suffice for a 9 inch letter

3D Letter (mine was from Walmart)

Hot Glue Gun

Picture Hanging attachment

and lastly Asbestos fingers

Before you do anything, make sure you attach your picture hanging gizmo's.  I waited until I'd finished, then I had to rest the letter on a towel when hammering so as not to flatten the pompoms, it worked, but doing it first is way easier.

Mix up the pompoms, I used two colours and wanted them to be randomly assorted so I jumbled them about on my table.

Glue gun the letter, grab some pompoms and squish them down, working in a round pattern or in diagonal strips should give a random look to their placement.

Continue around the top of the letter

Then start on the side, making sure the edge closest to the top has no gaps. I found gripping the letter between my knees made this edge easier to handle.

After you've finished the side, start on the inner edges, hot glue gun then stick pompoms down one or two at a time making sure the edge nearest the top has no gaps, the edge nearest the wall won't show so much so smal gaps there are fine.

When you get to any sharp corners squish the pompoms into the corner first then add others afterwards.

Then curse when you run out of pompoms with 2 inches left to go, finish up, then hang up on your wall and admire, doesn't it look like it's made of sweets/Candy? Yum!

and just for fun I rearranged my pompom stash into rainbow (ish) order, like a jar full of sunshine isn't it?


Lastly, on my girls wall with the rest of the bunch.


spidermom said...

asbestos fingers indeed!
i wanna make them for all the munchkins, what a fun project :)

Reverse Clothing said...

Adorable! This would be great for my daughter's room.

Terri said...

Ouch! But worth the pain, eh? Elmers School Glue would probably work with these materials, but you'd have to put a nice thick layer of it on and then you'd have to wait HOURS for it to dry.

ruby murray said...

Spidermom, they are so much fun, can't stop myself stroking all the pompoms when I walk past G's room.

Reverse clothing - Thank you so much, you have to try making one,I'm hunting for blues now for the little fellas room.

Terri - You're right I bet it would work, a lot less painful but I have 0 patience for waiting, you amazing quilters are queens of the long projects but I'm more of a wham bam thank you Mam kind of crafter, I have the blisters on my fingers to show for it te he he xox

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