Friday, June 29, 2012

Recycled Medal Roundup - 5 projects made from Medal Ribbons

If you're still unconvinced of the loveliness that is medal ribbon crafting, 'av a Butchers at this, all the projects that my addled brain has come up with to date in one Red, White & Blue post.

I say to date because, like a kid with a scabby knee, I just cannot stop picking at my ribbon scraps and itching for more projects (cue delicious mental images).

(Just heard back today that I won 2nd place in the recycled Art Contest, a $400 gift card for my local Art store! thanks so much for the words of encouragement)

The ones that got away from me in order of medal ribbons required:

A Crochet throw or rug (Olympic athlete)
Bunting (Mildly sporty)
Book mark (Wheezy Asthmatics)


spidermom said...

bwahahaha! you are too funny!
congrats on winning the prize! i knew you'd do it!!!

Jill said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your win!!! Knew you would get recognition for that art work!! Fabulous medal ribbon projects there Ruby! Have fun spending your money!

ruby murray said...

Thanks so much Spidermom and Jill, I keep checking the mail for my gift card, can't wait to get shopping in the Art store for more fun projects this Summer. xoxo

Hannah Watson said...

Well done you!!

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