Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ways with Vintage Maps - Washi Tape Tutorial

It's been ages since I busted out a recycling project, and who doesn't love a great idea using Vintage Map/Atlases, not surprisingly I also have a hoard of these kicking about, just can't seem to pass up an old dusty 1970's Atlas, hmmmmm the smell of a dusty old hardback! This week I'll be bringing you  projects using old maps/Atlases and shock horror old Geography text books (sorry to my high school Geog teacher Mr Bumchin, I mean Mr Bunting!)

This one is so simple but just in case, here's how to make your own Map Washi Tape.

What you need:

Double Sided Tape
Old Map/Atlas - Use a page with a mix of land mass and sea for colourful tape.
Decide which side of the paper is most attractive, the flip side of mine had text so that was an easy choice.

Lay the double sided tape down horizontally and in a fairly straight line across the map/Atlas page you want to be able to read the places, that's the fun part.

Leave a small gap between each piece of tape to make it easier to cut out.

Marvel at your cute pieces of tape, peel off the back then use them for parcels, sticking down envelopes, or some of the cute projects I have coming up this week...



LimeRiot said...

BRILLIANT!!! I love washi tape and I love maps :). I never would have thought to make my own using double-sided tape. How clever. Thanks for sharing.

Ruby Murray said...

Wonderful tutorial! I love vintage atlases and have lots!
Just "pinned" this to Pinterest! :)
Thank you

Ruby Murray said...

Thanks Mary, such an easy idea and old maps are so easy to find and fun to craft with aren't they x

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