Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Scalloped Felt Needlebook


So this is the mysterious Scalloped Felt project that gave way to the 'aha moment' using Measuring spoons as curved templates.


My BFF the infamous Spidermom deserved some cheering up and it was her daughters, (she's just got into crafting) so I thought I'd make them Mama and Daughter needlebooks. The buttons are just for fun, I love the look of vintage sewing kits and using the same tones of Green seemed super cute to me. I even included two pockets for floss bobbins.
I call this an inside out Needlebook because the needles can be stuck in the front of the book once you lift up the top coloured scallop. I always end up shoving the needle in the top anyway so I thought this was a great idea. The extra layers of felt also gave this a nice squishy feel to it too.



I also got to practice Blanket stitch on this project, everything is sewn down using the same stitch, oh except for the felt 'page' inside that's Backstitch. I gotta admit that from both sides the stitches look pretty even to me, definitely improving, yay me.
I'm a meany and haven't got round to the post office yet so I'll be leaving her in suspenders and warning her off this post, boo hiss!


Martiel Beatty said...

Love the scallops! These are great!

Martiel Beatty said...

Love these scallops!

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