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Crochet: Spike Stitch Blanket Pattern


So here it is my first Crochet Blanket Pattern as requested, I'm not a pattern writer I just wing it so please let me know if this doesn't make sense. It's just exactly what I did to make each of the two Blankets which measure 40 inches x 46 inches.

I'm taking this opportunity also to instil my 'You catch more flies with Honey than Vinegar policy', i.e if you're taking time to read my blog and you like what I do then please let me know, I'm happy to write a tutorial or pattern so that you can make one for yourself but please and thank yous are super important to me, I'm old skool like that ;) Bloggers are people too, busy people with families, jobs and feelings so spread some love and be nice to us xoxo

Ok, back on track. So the principle thing to remember with spike stitch is that your initial Chain must be a multiple of 4, then add 1.

Note: All terminology given in US terms, for my UK peeps a Single Crochet in US terms is the same as  Double Crochet.

Hook: 6mm (I)

Yarn requirements: 2 x 454g(1 lb ball) Worsted Weight Yarn In Main Colour (MC) and Contrast Colour (CC)

Edging requires extra, a small Red Heart Super Saver Yarn ball in Main colour or any Worsted Weight Yarn (7oz/198g; 364yd/333m) is perfect to finish this off.

Foundation: In Main colour (MC) Chain 101

Row 1: Single Crochet (Sc) in to 3rd chain (Ch) from hook, sc to end, ch 1 turn.

Rows 2 - 5: Sc across to end, Ch 1 turn

Row 6: Sc across to end, Fasten off, Change to Contrast Colour (CC)

Row 7: This is where you have fun and make the zigzag pattern Ch 1 (counts as first Sc) 1 sc into stitch (st) 2 rows below, 1sc into st 3 rows below, 1sc into st 4 rows below, repeat this to end of row, Ch 1 turn.

Note: The design you make is dependent on the length of your stitches in this row, i.e. you can change this up and sc into e.g 2 st below, 4 st below then 3 st below, as long as you repeat the same pattern it will work.

Rows 8 - 10: Work 3 rows of Sc in CC.

Repeat rows 7 to 10 alternating between the Main Colour and contrast colour, always completing 4 rows of each colour in total (this includes the spiky fun row)

For your blanket to reach 40 x 46 inches you should have 50 'stripes' of colour. Want it longer? then just keep going. Fasten off when you're happy with the length.

Edging: With Main Colour, Join in a corner with slip stitch (sl) then sc ch1 sc, Sc into each stitch around repeating the sc, ch1 sc for each corner. When you get back round to the first stitch join with a sl st to first sc then ch 1 (counts as first st) and repeat the sc edging 3 more times or until happy with the size of the border. Fasten off.

Last step: Take two paces back and admire your blanket then thank yours truly xoxo

If you do make one I'd love to see, send me a pic at

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Linz said...

Thanks for the pattern! Once I get brave enough ( and finish crocheting hello kitty beanies for all of my daughters friends) I'll get started on it!
And your right, I don't think I ever said please when I asked for the pattern before...very rude of me! Sorry! Hope your babies are doing well, and if you would like a hello kitty beanie for Gabrielle, let me know, I'd love to make her a teenie version of my daughters!

ruby murray said...

Awww bless you Linz, definitely not aimed at you my lovely and thank you so much for the offer of a hat for my gorgeous girl, I would absolutely love one. Drop me a line at and we can talk :)

So kind of you xoxo

P.s Pattern amended to include weight of yarn required, sheesh you can tell I'm new to this pattern writing lark!!

Jill said...

Beautiful blanket Ruby! One of these days I'm going to learn to crochet for sure! I keep seeing so many gorgeous things that people are making!

Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
Hope you have a fabulous week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for this pattern forever. I had started looking for some more funky stitches to use in my patterns and came across the picture of your blanket on Google images. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this for us!

Now to finish the two projects in motion so I can start this one! Color options are already flowing.

Thanks again!

Ruby Murray said...

Beautiful. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. Thank you for sharing.

Ruby Murray said...

I just found this pattern and thought it would be beautiful for my newborn niece! I have one question tho! The directions don't say if you are crocheting in the back stitch when doing your sc across. Does it make a difference? Thanks!

Ruby Murray said...

Hey Julia yes sc in both front and back loops as usual. Hope your little niece loves her new blanket, it makes a nice thick and warm fabric x

Ruby Murray said...

thank you!!

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