Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Scrappy Star - My foray into the murky world of Quilting Techniques

I will happily admit that I am no great talent at Quilting or anything even quilting adjacent, I do try though as I love the idea of quilting. I've made a baby quilt for my little guy and am 75% finished baby quilt no.2 for my gorgeous new arrival so I had some teeny tiny scraps left over which were spot on for this project. The bias tape was a small length from a thrift store haul and worked perfectly too, I love the crochet edging, and the colour was a winner too.

Now I'd been dying to try this out since I saw the technique in this book I snagged for $2 at our library book sale.

The Quilter's Companion: The Complete Guide to Machine and Hand Quilting

It's another project I managed to get done in the last week of pregnancy, it's painstakingly (not a word I often use when referring to my own work!) ironed (again a foreign word in my house!) and hand stitched in layers one over the top of the other to hide the raw edges. I love bias tape but I usually just wack it on and machine stitch down but this time I took the effort to hand stitch it so it's free of visible stitches for once. It's definitely not perfect but it was worth a try, I'm glad I had a bash at it and if I never dare to do this again I have this pretty piece of work to show for my efforts.
I've got my heart set on making a mini collection in baby Gabrielles nursery of vintage and vintage style pot holders, this will be joining that collection.

Close up of the ironed and stitched points of the star, I almost made a square from the stripes too... almost!

Now just need to get my butt out of the house and thrift me some more to hang up with this one. Any excuse to check out my beloved thrift stores.

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spidermom said...

oh my the incredible patience making that must require! really cool love the fabric and the edging!

Natural Mama said...

What a wonderful project, and so minutus! I love it.

We Can Pretend said...

such cute photos!!


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