Sunday, February 26, 2012

Leather ruffle necklace at P.S I made this

Not dropped off the face of the planet, still crafting away furiously but time at the old wind up pc is in short supply without a Toddler using me as a climbing frame and switching off the pc mid post, that and a rapidly growing baby nursing me into sleep mode!

Here's a Leather jewelery tute I've been meaning to try since it popped up on my radar last year. Hope you enjoy and I'll be blogging about my own crafty endeavours soon enough.

Don’t you wish every day could be a FRYE-day?  Known for their high-quality materials and hand-craftsmanship, The Frye Company has been around since the mid 1800’s (holy heritage!)  Frye crafts what are quite possibly the world’s most iconic boots, along with a bevy of luxe leather must-haves.  Fun fact: It takes more than 190 steps to make one pair of bench boots.  P.S.- CLICK HERE to see how Frye boots are made, and check out pics from our live DIY EVENT at their NYC Flagship store.  We DIY’ed our hearts and soles out this week.  Now read on to learn how to make your own luxe leather necklace!
To create: Use scissors to cut a piece of leather or leather-like material in a rectangle that’s approx. 12” x 4”.  Cut the bottom, giving it a wave-like shape. Punch holes spaced 1-inch apart using a leather hole punch.  Get creative and weave in cord, metallic beads, or other hardware accents.  P.S - we used actual eyelets from the Frye warehouse. To finish off, knot the cord and you are ready to sport this must have fall accessory. 

Love this idea, again great for scraps, it's girly and it looks easy peasy lemon squeezy (yep I'm bringing that saying back folks!)I never seem to be able to find those crazy looking fabric punches so I'll be trying mine out with a regular old paper punch and squeezing the hell out of it.

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