Monday, February 13, 2012

(Sings slightly off key) Love Love Love


I have to say I always honour Valentines Day by sending a card to my fabtastic hubby and son but I'm not at all fussed about gifts, I would however have a crap load of fun making these lovely crafty projects to festoon the turrets at Ruby Murray Heights ;)

Some last minute, skid in on your knees but simply beautiful projects to get you on a Valentines crafting spree.

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I'm a fairly newbie to Crochet but these worked up so quickly I made a ton just sat down in front of a movie the other week.

feltheartchain_ ornament1.jpg 

This is sooooo simple but effective and a great way to use up leftover red felt from Xmas.

Thanks for the well wishes, I'm feeling great just short on time at the moment as to be expected, Gabrielle is the perfect little baby, she eats and sleeps like a dream (she also poops like a nightmare, but let's not ruin the image hey!)


LimeRiot said...

What cute ideas! I love linen so the heart bunting hoop is my favorite :).

spidermom said...

oh no! its valentine's day!!! wonder how many crochet hearts i can make today?

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