Friday, November 25, 2011

NYE Xmas Party Zipper Refashion

Clearly this photo is not me! just stumbled on this easy peasy tutorial for such a hot dress I thought this would come in handy for those of you cheeky enough to rock this look to your upcoming Xmas or New Years Eve parties, just think of me resting my bloated ankles and enormous baby bump!
This clever lady even hand sews it too, so not a hard refashion at all, definitely a one night job in front of the telly :)
I found the link on this amazing Dutch blog by tracking back to some new visits I had, (you gotta love Feedjit!) she features tons of fashion tutorials from jewelery, accessories, shoes and of course clothes, even lil ole me can be found there.

Running a little bit late on the posting this week due to an awesome upcoming trip to prepare for. Stay tuned and hope all my lovely American readers including my super duper special BFF Spidermom had a great day yesterday.

What am I thankful for? a foot out of plaster, a healthy baby in my belly, a gorgeous little boy, a husband who doesn't mind that even though I have a craft room downstairs I still monopolise the dining table with a million and one messy projects. I'm happy and healthy and although far away from old friends and family members they are all close to my heart and always on my mind.

There... that's enough sentiment for the week xoxo


spidermom said...

daaaannnng i dunno if i've ever been brave enough to sport a hot little number like that!
have a lovely trip!

LimeRiot said...

HOT HOT HOT!! Love it.

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