Monday, November 21, 2011

Dollar Store Subversive Tree Decs Tutorial

Yep I know, we're s'posed to be filled with the Christmas spirit this Season and I totally am, but if you're honest I think there are a few people on your Christmas gift/Card list that you feel this way about. So here's a crafty, passive aggressive way of getting out all that angst. Subversive Xmas tree decorations!

I've had these holographic scrapbook letter things kicking around since last Xmas and no idea what to do with them until the other day. These letters came in a pack of 36 for $1 so that's a whopping 36 tree decorations for a measly buck. The ribbon I had in stash too, score!

What you'll need:

Pack of Cardboard Letters
Heavy duty Needle
Roll of Ribbon 1/8'' thick
Pliers (come in handy)
Hot Glue gun (only for certain letters)

1. Through a wide part of each letter poke a hole with your needle and push the needle all the way through. Putting a Yellow pages behind the letter will stop you from poking anything of value ;) Don't get too hung up on trying to keep to the left or right side of letters.

2. Cut 6 inches minimum of the ribbon and thread through the needle and all the way through the letter. If you want to tie the ribbon in a bow around the tree branch then I'd use an 8'' piece of ribbon to give you some room to manoeuvre.

3. Tie in a knot to secure the letter.

4. Knot the end of the ribbon together. Or if you want to tie bows around each tree branch leave this untied but tie an extra knot at the base of the letter.

5. Done, you are free to spell out abusive or heartfelt seasonal words as you wish. This sensible and season word is for my Nanny so that she knows I'm not really a foul mouthed chav of a grand-daughter.

6. Ok so you're wondering what to do with the i and j right? fear not, locate the points for each of those letters and cut a strip from the letter packaging just long enough to reach from top to bottom of each letter.


7. Hot glue gun the letter pieces to the plastic then cut around the letter, it's clear so don't worry too much about exactness and don't cut the point off ;) Scissors work perfectly here unless you have an awkward area with a sharp point you wish to hack off.

8. As before poke a hole through the letter at the point, thread your needle then pass it through the letter, tie and you're done.

Second option for these letters is making a whole word or name to hang on the tree or as a gift tag.

1. Spell out your word/subversive message/name and hot glue gun it to a strip of the plastic packaging. then poke a hole through the first and last letter.

2. Thread a needle with 6 inches of ribbon and from the front poke the needle through the first letter then tie off, repeat with the final letter and tie a knot in the end. Smarten up the edges of your plastic backing with a pair of scissors.

3. Done and ready to hang on a tree or omit the ribbon and attach to a gift.

Like the idea but not sure about the colour of the letters you bought? why not spray paint them to suit your colour scheme.

As usual, if you like this then let me know, I love to hear your comments :)


ruby murray said...

Just attaching one of the letters to a gift with a co-ordinating ribbon also looks really cute and of course the recipient can reuse the gift tag on their tree too.

spidermom said...

i already know what word i'll be spelling out!!!!

Sew Country Chick said...

Cool idea. I love letter ornaments. I featured your ruffle sweater tutorial at this weeks sewing link up.
Justine @ Sew Country Chick

ruby murray said...

Thanks my lovelies, and Justine I was out in the snow at the weekend and missed the link up but thank you so much for thinking of me and doing it for me, you're a star, last weeks was such a success so many great projects.

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