Friday, October 14, 2011

Leather Tutorial - Easy Peasy Leather Moustache Magnets

Ok so I'm almost embarrassed to call this a Tutorial, I think as soon as you see the adhesive photo magnet sheet you're going to get the gist but just in case here goes.

What you'll need:

One sheet (or scraps if you have a half used sheet) of Adhesive photo magnet sheet, a Dollar store staple. 
Scrap of Leather (roughly 3'' x 1.5'')
Pen/Pencil and Scrap piece of card (I used those annoying subscription cards from a magazine)

Draw half a Moustache to use as your template onto your card and cut it out, it'll look better if it's symmetrical so fold your card in half and cut round it.

Draw round then cut out your Moustache template from your Scrap Leather piece (clearly mine is bigger than 3'' x 1.5'' but not all this is needed unless you want to make a few.

Cut a rectangle slightly bigger than your Leather 'tache from the Adhesive magnet sheet.

Peel off the backing then cut close to the Leather 'tache and press down ensuring the Leather has a good grip to the sticky magnet. I used quite thick leather  for one and Vinyl I`d ripped from an old purse (the zip pocket backing) and both stuck fine.

Final but most enjoyable step, slap it on a baby/significant other Photo magnet on your fridge and have a sly chuckle to yourself. 

Still working on Tutorial no. 2 have to convince hubby to take me and my hobbly foot into Michaels to pick up a new Glue gun :)

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