Sunday, October 16, 2011

No Scrap left Behind - More gorgeous Leather Jewelery

Thanks so much for the tip off Erica Louise, clearly we're twins, not only do we rock the same middle name (my real life, non alter ego name!) but we were both poring over all the amazing Leathery goodness on Pinterest, without further waffling ado check out these beauties.

Leather Leaf Necklace Tutorial 14

Missie Krissie - Leather Leaf Necklace Tutorial

Scrappy leather headband Front

Missie Krissie - Leather Leaf Headband Tutorial

Two great looks from one shape so cut a shed load and get your hot glue gun on!

More great tutorials tomorrow and thanks to a mysterious benefactor I have been loaned a replacement glue gun to finish off Tutorial no. 2

Take care and keep me posted on any great Leather tutorials around the web.


spidermom said...

oh boy these are too gorgeous i'm ready to give it a go! i've got a functioning cheap-o glue gun and plenty of sticks! looks like a trip to the stinky thrift is in my future for some leather! :)

Erica Louise said...

Ah thanks for your reference :) I think we DO stalk the same things, I love all your leather scrappy ideas! Not only do we share names and like the same things, we are also British expats! hehe

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