Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bust those scraps - More Leather Jewelery

More great Tutorials from the Blogosphere both using teeny tiny pieces of Leather, you could easily make either of these from an old Wallet or Change Purse so maximum cuteness for little or no materials, My kind of projects.

First up Cation Designs - Black Cat Necklace Tutorial so simple and what a great Halloween accessory, if you're feeling the feline theme (excuse the pun) then her take on these Charlotte Olympia flats are so much cuter than the original $700 version. Cation Designs - DIY Kitty flats

Next up a gorgeous pair of textured Leather earrings, I do love earrings but I never wear them, that aside what a great project and totally doable gift for a girl friend or sister (providing I'm not your friend or sister, and if I am what a bloomin' cheek using my blog for my gift ideas!) .

If you're a whizz with a glue gun, (I gifted one to my Mum this Summer and she is totally hooked) the Design by Night blog is a must, lots of easy and gorgeous projects, tons of hair accessories too including fabric flowers and Peacock feather jewelery, so beautiful. 

Design by Night - Leather Earring Tutorial

Just working on hopefully two Leather tutes if I can get the right supplies and I haven't just jinxed myself, fingers crossed no more bad luck comes my way ;)


Erica Louise said...

Love leather scrap crafty ideas, thanks for sharing! How cute is the little cat face! Have you seen this leather leaf necklace tutorial? so wanna make it!!!

ruby murray said...

Thanks Erica and we must have been on Pinterest at the same time. I totally pinned that gorgeous necklace and am desperate to make one too. Thanks for thinking of me xoxo

Cation Designs said...

Aww thanks for featuring me in your blog! I am loving these scrapbusting tutes!

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