Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bust those Scraps - Leather Hair Doodads

Sadly my glue gun literally blew up during the Denim projects, blinking Dollar Store electrical items, I have yet to learn my lesson! Anyway moving swiftly on, some great No sew/low sew projects for small pieces of Leather and also great ideas for gifts/stocking fillers.

Following on from yesterdays bow-mania here are two cute Bow Headbands love Mad Mims version, such a great vintage look to it.

DSC01244 512x384 Quicky Leather Bow Headband Tutorial

Mad Mim - Leather bow Headband Tutorial

You've got to love an elastic Headband, no plastic squeezing your head :)
Ruffles and Stuff - Lauren Headband Tutorial
If you haven't checked out Ruffles and Stuff you're in for a treat, a bazillion amazing tutorials for home, clothing, kids all sorts. Great inspiration.

A great selection of Faux Leather (obv real Leather would work!)
Make it Love it - Faux Leather Hair accessories Tutorial

Gorgeous and yet again a no sew project, just cut, braid, stick, instant cuteness. Another stellar Ruffles and Stuff tute!
Ruffles and Stuff - Braided Headband Tutorial 

More tutorials coming soon.


Shell said...

I love these hair accessories. Though I don't have any leather scraps, I'm sure I could use an other fabric for them. Thanks Ruby

spidermom said...

too cute! thanks for the links! off to dig through the closet for leathery things to hack apart!

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