Friday, September 30, 2011

Jean Genie! - Take that Denim scraps

Woohooo, taking a long deep sigh of relief after cutting, folding arranging, pinning and stitching the heck out of approximately 800 maybe more strips of denim so a piece of drop cloth, paint spattered and all. So glad I finished this one, I had a few meltdowns and many changes of design but in the end I came back to the old faithful, a Union Jack theme. Cheesy yup but I think it worked out, it made a great change to make a project that could fray, possibly pucker and look a bit distressed, it was the equivalent of an 18-30's boozy holiday for my sewing skills.

I cut out as many 5`` by 1`` pieces as I could make with my scraps, then turned them into chevrons like this.

Ironing as I went I ended up with a ton of these, the look is neater if you flip over the pieces, but they worked out smaller and obv I`d need more to finish the rug, and if you`re working with Denim surely you`ve got to work with the fray, and go deconstructed right.

Eh Voila! 

(excuse the grout encrusted door step, building reno work still in full swing at Ruby Murray Heights!)

With all the leftover too small pieces and seams from the jeans etc I rustled up these hot glue gun beauties.

Just a quick coaster, I would love to see a huge circular rug made up solely from seams from jeans, maybe one day I`ll get to making one. Can you believe the seams from one pair made this!

Little denim roses, it was so easy to make these with a heavier fabric, I always think mine turn out a little less like petals when I use lighter Cotton. Going to add these to some bobby pins for some fun Autumn-Winter hair accessories.

Hope it was worth the wait, I really enjoyed busting out the denim projects and have some more scrap projects coming for you next post, this time with Leather!


Sonia said...

How cool! You're very talented :D

spidermom said...

oooh what fun projects!! i always have the urge to hoard old jeans but never know what to do with them! the roses are so cool :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, very inspirational - I nicked a load of my brother's old jeans from the charity shop/bin pile the other week and was going to make a throw or rug from them. However now I've seen this I'll be keeping the seams aswell to make coasters! Any suggestions for waistbands?? Also is there a tute for the roses, cos I'd love to try making some? :)

ruby murray said...

Aww thanks Ladies and Becky, unfortunately I bust my glue gun and need to get a new one so if you can hold on I'll rustle up a tutorial for you. The waistbands wouldn't they look amazing on their own stitched down as a rug, stripes of different coloured denim, failing that stitch them down to the outside edges of your Denim rug, a great way to use them up and a neat finish too. I intended on doing this with mine but in the end went with a more messy look :)

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