Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bust those Scraps Leather Division

Wow that sounds saucier than I imagined, so after the resounding success of the Denim project that obliterated all but tiny pieces of my denim scrap mountain I moved on to Leather. I had the fortune to get hold of some small but not too small scraps of Leather in some gorgeous colours, Red, Navy blue, Aquamarine, as well as the usual Brown, Black and White. For the longest time I've been Wisting every tutorial I could find to give me some confidence in sewing with them until I figured now's the time to have a crack and share some great links too.
So working with leather, turns out it's easier than I'd imagined, use a Leather needle although to be honest you could get away with a size 14 or 16 regular if you just happen to have one in your machine at the time. A long stitch length 3.5 and up and just take it steady, I'm a bit of a chicken so I hand wheel my machine just in case. Cutting it couldn't be simpler too, I literally just used my hubby's regular old Kitchen scissors (sshhhh don't tell!)
Great things about working with leather? no fraying, so for some projects you could just slap two pieces back to back hot glue or sew together and eh voila, and easy peasy Key Fob. It's easy to get hold of, check out the old and tired handbags in your local thrift store and get happy with the scissors.
The tassel key fobs above I made from a dull old thrifted handbag I picked up for a $1, one side made one so I have a spare. I always make two of something just in case, it makes last minute gift giving easier if you can pull out something that looks like you actually remembered!, ok so you now know I forgot you at Xmas if you get one of these ha ha

I'm going to sort out a tutorial for a project at the end of this week that will be easy to sew or hot glue gun. Until then here are some tutorials for Leather projects I've come across recently, I'm going to be updating my blog more frequently for the next week featuring projects that could be made from upcycled Leather or even Vinyl if you have it on hand. Today is easy peasy keyfobs, one sewn and one hot glue gunned.

Etsy Russian Team - Fab Moustache Key Fob  - Love this and what a cute but silly Dad stocking filler (yep totally thinking Christmas already!)

Desiree Haigh - Diy-hermes-key-ring - I could just squish this, it looks so fat an squishy, this is made with a pair of leather trousers which isn't something we can all get hold of I know.

Step in Erica Domesk from P.s I made this with her version which is just the tassels not the whole bag.It uses a heck of a lot less Leather and you could easily use Vinyl too.

Dazzle with a tassel… everybody is doing it!  We adore to adorn  dangly accents from curtains to coats.  This season, tassels are popping up all  over the place.  Burberry’s  big and bold tassels throughout their Fall/Winter 2011  Collection,  inspired a DIY that is to DIE for.  From their boots to their bags,  we’re utterly taken by their stunning and rich leather  tassels.
It’s on:  to make bold tassels  reach for a leather-like material.  Cut 2 rectangle  pieces approx. 16” x 6” inches.  Use a marker and a ruler to draw straight  lines, which will transform into future fringe.  Leave a 1” inch space from the  top and mark lines spaced 1/4” inch from from each other.  Use fabric scissors  to cut the leather.  Once cut, glue the cord to the inside of  the fringed fabric on one end.  P.S.- make sure to glue on the inside, not the  outside of material.  Continue to glue and roll the fringe and cord together.   Hold in place for a few seconds until the glue sets.  Once rolled to the end,  either tie tassels onto a bag handle or use a super strong tape to secure on the inside of the bag.  P.S.- You can remove tassels and tie onto just  about anything and everything in your closet or home.  Get creative. Take the  plunge and take to the tassel!
PS I Made This - Handbag Tassels - Love this and used it to make my version of a Tassel key fob, my Leather wasn't the correct length but it worked perfectly.
Have any projects or links made of Leather you want to show me, drop me a line or a link. :)

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