Monday, July 18, 2011

Stash Sewing - Daisylicious

So I was kinda thrown by the marathon internet free period that had me pulling my hair out and I didn't get on to the Hand-Me-Down Horrors like I promised I would, I honestly believe that as soon as I even mention what might be coming soon then something yucky will happen to it/me/life so I'm going to leave you guessing just in case.

I had this project to post for a good 4 weeks at least, in fact it probably won't even fit me anymore since my pregnancy has taken a vast (and by that I do mean VAST) increase in speed. When I took the test I was still a skinny minnie, as I write this I can't help wondering if this pregnancy I may actually pop (I came pretty close to it last time round) so here's a cute dress that may or may not fit my podgy 'is she isn't she baby belly'

This was such a simple sew and using stash fabric, wooohooo for busting some stash, and for a double woohoo it only has 2 pattern pieces, the dress (front and back, sleeves incorporated into the pattern piece) is one and the neck edging is another. I just cut round a t-shirt that fit nicely (then) and cut a deeper scoop out of the front. If anyone has wanted to try this type of neck edging but been a bit scared too, it's easy peasy, one rectangle equalling the neck line measurement then minus 2 inches. Use some iron on knit interfacing first and just stretch as you pin it making sure that you're stretching the same amount as you go round or you'll have gaping, and no-one wants their bits and bobs hanging out do they!

So that's it, I have a few more projects to show but I can't tell you what they are in case a bolt of crafty thunder strikes me down.

Oh and I'll be making a minimum of one post each week from now on, that will give me time to get a bit more organised and actually (shock horror) do some planning ahead of time instead my usual fly by the seat of my pants, last minute Lucy shenanigans!

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