Friday, July 15, 2011

More comebacks than a nit infestation!

UUURRRgh just had the mother of all pc meltdowns the night I last posted which resulted in me doing without the internet (cold turkey) for over 2 weeks. Sheeessh that was tough, what makes it worse is that it's bound to be my fault for my random downloads.

Anyway, not a nit/headlice rant you'll be glad to hear, although I am itching just thinking about it now (scratch, scratch, scratch) so just a quick note to say I'll be posting soon once I ask hubster what the protocol is for saving photos in a more pc friendly manner.

Also helloooooo to my new readers, I honestly do think that the less I post the more people like me and my blog, just so you know I'm not taking it personally (sniff, sniff) no, really I'm not, honest!


CCsInspirations said...

Oh I'm so glad to hear your absence was due to machine issues and not personal ones! Having just dealt with a "surf-by download" virus myself, I feel your itch!
Hope you are feeling well, look forward to more of your ingenious creations!

ruby murray said...

Aww that's so kind of you, I have a feeling that my house is trying to keep me from crafting, it's like the opposite of the Amityville House, it never wants me to spend a moment away from it :)

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