Thursday, July 28, 2011

Escape to the Mountains

It's been a long time coming but me, the hubster, baby Noah and the irrepressible Nana Bonse escaped to the Mountains for a few days of fresh air, peace and quiet and I couldn't help sharing some photos with you. We were only there for a short while but we drove through Jasper to Banff, took in Lake Louise and stayed in the gorgeous Johnston Canyon chalets. It was amazing as usual, the Rockies never get boring, such amazing views and the wildlife was out for some amazing photo opportunities.

This gorgeous fella was hanging out with 3 other stags just by the side of the road.

Just a few photos of the amazing walk just steps away from our Chalet, a 2 hour (return walk) with hills steps, steep slopes and yep we took the stroller, Noah fell asleep within moments of being bumped about and the hubby loved toughing out those steep slopes!

The chalet site was so close to this walk, imagine waking and going to sleep to the sound of a trickling stream which builds up to 11 waterfalls, yep the sound effects were probably not the best for an already peanut sized bladder but it was soooo worth all those extra bathroom trips ;)

I hope you'll excuse this indulgent post but for those of you that haven't visited the Rockies yet I hope these bring a smile to your face.

Crafty endeavours to follow this week, this is just an extra freebie :)

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