Friday, July 29, 2011

Embroidery a beginners feeble offerings

For those of you that have read a few of my older posts you may know that I have a thing about Embroidery and would so love to be able to make anything that looks like a spider didn't get tangled up in some floss.

In the dreaded internet blight of some weeks ago I was hankering for something to keep my mouse hand busy, it was a tough time people and thinking about 2 weeks sans internet still makes me shudder Brrrrrrrr. 

During those bleak 2 weeks I was the lucky, lucky lady who received these beautiful embroidered tea towels from my fab friend and fellow Craftster lover Spidermom of the blog  friendly neighborhood spidermom (names have been changed to protect the innocent!) and since then I've been desperate to see if some of this amazing ladies talent had soaked into me by some kind of crafty Osmosis.


I have the rest of the week to come, how lucky am I?

Now I wouldn't say I was by any means talented in the slightest but I felt happy that my finished offering beared some resemblance to the intended design.

Not so keen on the cushions, a small hoop on the wall will suffice for the finished piece. I have to admit that I was pretty daunted to start one of these Chicken Scratch patterns but once I'd read and re-read (a first for me!!) the instructions I realised that there were only 2 different stitches, a + sign and the round looking stitch which is actually only four straight stitches then one last stitch that is 'woven' behind the other straight stitches, you pull it a little and it 'should' look like a circle (at least from afar anyway!!)

Not so circular but a piece finished and an Embroidery project no less (runs around the house in a victory lap!)

This is the 80's craft book I found the pattern in, it's a great book with some cute projects in.

Crochet squares sewn together for this cute sun dress, kind of a cheats emboidery project, right up my alley!

After a quick thrifting trip with my visiting MIL yesterday I bagged these 4 teeny hoops, they are 3'' small, the 4" is in there just for size reference. Not even I could get bored of an Embroidery project that small.

So maybe I'm not so scared of Embroidery now and you may even see a few more projects on here, anyway must go and start on this project from the same book, anyone up for a sateen bow extravaganza te he he.


spidermom said...

omigolly i forgot what i was gonna say as soon as i saw those sweaters!!!! (shudders)

ruby murray said...

Don't laugh, I'll be sending a matching one in your package ha ha ha

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