Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Good Ole Brit Recipes - The Humble Trifle

Yum yum yum, a weekend dinner with my family would not have been the same without my beloved Trifle, so yummy, so fattening, and moving over the pond to snowy (and recently rainy yuck yuck) Canada there are some foods I like to eat when I'm feeling a little homesick. A few serving spoonfuls of this, a quick bit of UK Z-List celeb gossip on the internet and I'm back to my cheeky, chirpy self again.

Without further ado, get your printer primed and get ready to whip up this yummy take on an old family fave and remember, this doesn't need to set so don't get too hung up on Measurements, the fun's in the eating and not the prep.

Serves: 4 very hungry navvies!

1 x tin of Thick Devonshire/Ambrosia custard (or make your own, I like to cheat)
1 x small tub/carton of Double/Whipping Cream
3 x Meringue Nests
1 x small punnet of Strawberries/Raspberries (Frozen would work too)
1 x Swiss roll enough vanilla/Chocolate cake to fill the bottom of your 8 inch serving bowl.

Can't get Swiss roll where you are? take a Vanilla/Chocolate cake, slice it into pieces and spread jam on it.

Yep that's it, no Jelly in this one, I have a weird thing about mixing dairy and Jelly, so no Jelly and ice cream for me as a kid.

Method (if you can call it that)

1. Take the Swiss roll/cake and fill the bottom of the bowl making sure that you pack as much in as possible, you don't want to see any of the bowl peeking through.

2. Tip the fruit in on top of the cake, saving one to garnish, if you like.

3. Crumble up 2 of the Meringue nests on top of the fruit in the bowl.

4. In a separate bowl/food mixer take the cream and mix it until it's thick then lightly fold in the tin of Custard.

5. Pour the creamy Custard yumminess over the cakey, fruity meringue goodness.

6. Crumble up the last Meringue nest and sprinkle it over the top, grated Chocolate is great too, slice up Strawberry and plonk it in the middle.

7. Shove it in the fridge until you're ready to eat.

That's it, although some food needs to be pored over, thoroughly prepped and all that great stuff, this is not one of those foods, it's a quick and dirty Dessert that will have you sneaking down to the fridge at night to get another fix.

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Anonymous said...

Now that looks delish! Ruby, you never stop amazing me:)

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