Monday, June 6, 2011

Garage Sale Saturday

So JDawg and I had a day of Garage sale fun over the weekend and these are my spoils, I actually bought a crap load of stuff but some of it is in the craft room waiting to be put to use, I found the best (if not dull) shelving unit for my sewing threads and Serger spools which, fingers crossed will tidy it up a little and make me want to spend more time in there! So many little jobs to make it more usuable down there, (the craft room that is!!) and I'm pretty much knackered all the time at the moment but I know you guys are patient :)

 I picked up two clipped together piles of vintage tea towels for a project I'm finishing off soon and this beauty was in there. Some of the designs were so pretty and most unused, what a score, 12 for $2!

1969 copy

1969 copy

I also found a huge pile of 60's and 70's craft magazines for $2, so fun looking through them, I can't resist crafty magazines, I swear one day I'll be found crushed under a vintage craft magazine avalanche, just my legs sticking out, but what a way to go right!!

So what's in store for you this week?
A recipe for a Good Ole British Trifle, done Ruby Murray style, a quick and easy knit dress from my stash, and maybe something else if you're lucky!

Oh and the hubster has been given his orders to work on a Sticky Toffee pud recipe, we've been dying to make one for ages, my fave!


emmalemma said...

Great haul! It was the village-wide rummage sale in my hometown this weekend, but I was too lazy to get up and go out! I'm sure I didn't need to get any more stuff to cram in my little apt. anyways :-P

I look forward to the recipes! Yum yum. ^____^

spidermom said...

soooo jealous! i never find craft mags!!!

Bonnie said...

I would have gone nuts if I'd found that London tea towel! It's so great to see another crafter/blogger who garage-sales! Coincidentally, I also went garaging this past Saturday and brought home an incredible haul. Wanna see?
I'm so glad to have found your blog!

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