Thursday, June 2, 2011

Digging those Church sales

Before I dive headfirst into my usual 100 words per min garble I have to let you guys know that I've been unable to respond to your comments. Firstly I'm so amazed and dead chuffed (happy) that I even have one comment so I do care about getting back to you and if you ever want more info or to ask me a question feel free to drop me a line at If you have written a kind word, just know that it always makes me smile and really inspires me to try to show you something great in my next post.

Next on with the goofy and unflattering photos of me sans makeup, sadly not as glam as my Dressmakers dummy but so much easier to get up and down the stairs to a better source of light :)

So difficult to get a good shot of this top but it has cut work, Hardanger embroidery and scalloped neckline, sleeves and hemline, absolute bliss and what a steal for 10c, I should be wearing a Balaclava next time I hit up a Church sale!

I would love to say that I lovingly hand embroidered all of this deliciousness but nope, it was done by Machine and came like this when I found it, I seriously thought it was a tablecloth that needed finishing off until like usual I stand in front of a mirror, shove my head through the hole and think aha (cue Alan Partridge voice) that's what it's meant to be!

What's this you see? some completely off topic deliciousness? on my blog? yep since I am generally going to get fatter and fatter until gorgeous baby (No. 2) arrives I'm going to make myself feel better and skinnier in comparison by fattening you all up along the way. How will I be infiltrating your homes? why I'll be sharing some good ole' British recipes straight from my kitchen, expect lots of Jam, Cream and thick Custard, so throw those Weight Watchers points books out the window, you'll be so glad you did! 

P.s 99 readers, woooohooooo how did that happen? I think the less I blog the more followers I get, are you guys trying to drop me a hint? te he he


Ruby Murray said...

Just worked out how to get round the perpetual sign in issue I'm having on Blogger. Phewee I can start commenting on your blogs again and responding to comments on mine. :)

emmalemma said...

Mmmmm recipes! Will Sticky Toffee Pudding be in there?

spidermom said...

ooh ooh sticky toffee pudding yeah yeah!!!

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