Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back to Business

I finally took time out to try the cut out technique and it was a cinch and so pleased with it, I can just see myself now getting sunburn in the shape of a heart!

Thanks for bearing with me folks, things are still chaotic here and still working on where is the best to take photos, these ones were taken in my unfinished sewing room, not my choice of wall colour, pretty but hurts your eyes after a night of sewing! I have a few refashions I want to share this week so get ready for some strictly clothing posts.

Not much of a change but wanted to tie in the peachy colour on the back so I flipped up the existing lace and added some preruffled trim I had stashed away.

I just used Interfacing on this one and cut it back to 1/4 inch so that it didn't show too much although if you're adding any embellishment that would hide the fusing from showing through, or at least distract attention away from it!
Before shot, not ugly but languishing in my wardrobe so about time it got some stitchy love!

Just for fun and because he is so squishable, here's a shot of baby Noah clearly as happy as I am that we will soon have a working sink and water in our Kitchen, wooohoooo roll on tomorrow.


Here's the next on my list of stash sewing, I picked this up in a Church rummage sale for 10c or something, don't church sales have the best junk?! It doesn't look like much, in fact I was convinced it was some sort of tablecloth, but no stay tuned for what this was meant to be.


Meg Needles said...

That is just .. wow.. gorgeous

spidermom said...

oooh nice teaser!

Anonymous said...

Tutorial used lining and interfacing. What did you use? Your heart version looked great! I'd like to try this on a T-shirt. (Love your blog! I look for it every day.)

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