Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You peed on what?

Just sharing a little slideshow with you to update you on general goings on in the RM household:

Aha let loose in the bathroom at last, Daddys trainers? on check, standing on potty? check, mischief ensues...

Shame Dads razors out of reach, but hey never seen one of these before
But how do you get into it?

Man it has to taste really good if it's this hard to get into.

Wait, it's telling me something

Let's take a closer look

 Nope can't quite make it out.

Yep finally a little one on the way. I really thought about holding out and if I was at all superstitious I would have waited, heck I'm only literally 5 minutes pregnant and I can hear the sucking in of breath as I type this, how could she be so premature in telling people? but you know what here's my two penneths worth, not crafty, not funny but I'm allowed one of these speels.

So why do we hold off telling people? are we any less pregnant just because we can still fit in our jeans and our ankles don't resemble inflatable toys?

Women are so scared that something is going to happen in the early days, we wrap ourselves in cotton wool do all the right things and d'you know what, sometimes it still doesn't work and something happens. Whatever anyone says to me I refuse to hold it in, I also refuse to pretend or lie about it until the 'Golden' 12th week because there is no such safe week, bad things sometimes happen so I just blab away to anyone that will listen and enjoy every non pukey day that's handed to me.

As women we are so tough on ourselves, we talk in hushed voices about women 'losing the baby' and even the word miscarriage seems to assume that blame needs to be attributed to explain the situation. So much shame, embarassment and sadness surrounds this sadly all too frequent occurrence (one in 4)that many people never mention it and forgo the support of friends and family.

I really don't mean to offend anyone or to marginalise the way women feel about a 'non viable pregnancy' I use this terminology only because it is blame free. A dear friend of mine who went through this recently uses this way to explain it and has been accused of being too clinical or heartless which I think is sad. We need to stop treating women like they are guilty parties and offer kind words and support, not judgement.

For those new to my blog I'm not a very serious person, I really do try and keep upbeat and approach life differently, I really believe that it's important to be the change you wish to see in the world.

Great big hug to M who inspired this rant post


spidermom said...

many many congrats :)

emmalemma said...

Congrats and best of luck throughout your journey!

Erica Louise said...

Good on you. I like this blog post. It is the same with many things that we keep quiet about, which really, we shouldn't. And congratulations BTW!

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