Friday, May 20, 2011

Refashion Inspiration - Heart Cut out back


Here's a trick I've been meaning to try once I find the perfect unloved top/dress at my local thrift store, must get down there once things get on more of an even keel. The kitchen is in as of an hour ago and now just awaiting the countertops, tiling, sink, taps, yep a bit of a way to go, but thankfully no more baby Noah hankering for power tools. 

    This is what caught my eye and had me desperate to try this cut out, a refashion by the adorable Paulinemma, prepare for imminent girl crush. 

For your delight and delectation an easy peasy tutorial which could so easily be used for a refashion on a plain dress, now  if only I weren't always attracted to eye wateringly odd 70's prints. 


I would love to see if it any of you lovelies try this one out so feel free to link here and give us a show and tell.

Hoping to have another refashion finished soon, this one seems to be taking more time than I'd hoped, it's really kicking my butt.


Marie said...

Thanks for the tutorial, I will definitely try it out at some point as I absolutely love back-detailed tops/dresses! When I do, I'll let you know ;o)

Meg Needles said...

that looks amazing. I can't do the backless thing myself but I wish I could for this heart cut out.

ruby murray said...

Oh and I didn't make the tutorial don't want to mislead anyone, video tutes are way too high tech for me, I'm more of a wind up, slo-mo version kinda gal!!

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