Wednesday, May 25, 2011

To market to market...

I'd been meaning to Crochet a Market bag for as long as I can remember and as usual this looks nothing like it did in the pattern, I'd been stitching incorrectly, it still looks like netting and works the same way but why oh why must I always get the hang of a pattern on the final round? oh well, no way I was frogging this for a mere technicality and I knew you guys would keep my dirty little secret.
The best bit about this bag apart from the eye watering colour and the fact it's cotton and it stretches enough for baby Noah to stand in it, handy if I need to transport him in a hurry! my fave bit is that it depleted some of my too huge to handle stash. I'm a crafting magpie, please tell me I'm not the only person that can't  pass up some cute Yarn/Cotton/Fabric/Paper etc etc etc

Moving in to my craft room so far has been a huge awakening, for someone who rarely buys new fabric I seem to have amassed a ton of vintage and repurp'd fabrics, along with that a whole room full of gadgets, and crafting supplies for crafts I rarely even do anymore. It's time to bust my stash and find a good home for some of these things, I feel guilty about owning something I won't use when someone else out there could do with it.

Thankfully our city has a Reuse centre which is amazing, the idea is to divert useable items away from landfill sites and it's a gold mine for all things crafty, sewing patterns, fabrics, books, UFO's (unfinished objects). I limit myself to collecting from there and tend to drop off more, at $5 per collection, that's one item or a whole carload it's too tempting for someone like me with a crafting hoard that would shame Martha Stewart!

Do you have a Reuse centre in your city? have you ever checked? it's a great way to purge yourself of those impulse buys or supplies you've never ended up using, and a killer place for burying that half finished project you feel guilty about but not enough to actually complete, yep you know the one you started as a gift then got bored of!

So off on a tangent though this may be, this is my long winded intro to a week of stashbusting projects which may possibly turn into a fortnight depending on how long Bessie is in the sewing machine repair shop (poor Bessie), join in at home and use up some stash, spring clean your crafty bits and pieces and put that stuff to use, it's about time people.


Inez said...

I love the bag, and I applaud your destashing efforts. I've been trying to use up the supplies I have in my stash, too, rather than buying more stuff (I also just used up some cotton yarn to make a market bag). I'm not sure if we have a reuse-type center around here (what a great idea!), but you've reminded me that I have some UFOs I really ought to finish! =)

Kira said...

Looks great! I absolutely know what you mean about being a craft magpie. I do the same thing, it's delightfully ridiculous! I'm afraid if I had a reuse center in my town, I'd be there every week.

Congrats on the pregnancy, Emma! So happy for you :) You're so crafty, you make babies.

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