Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ruby Murrays bid for Perfect Housewife


Following on from my last post, I seriously need to bust my everything stash, it's taking over my house and giving my husband serious ideas about calling Hoarders to film an episode here, or failing that some kind of serious intervention including a Hannibal Lecter strap down, wheely straight jacket and some horse tranquilizers.

On a more positive note, Bessie my beloved sewing machine has broken out of her funk and has decided to work for me, it would appear I needed to change a needle, simple!

Since baby Noah is down for a nap and for some reason I have bags of energy I whipped up this clothes peg hanger from my stash, I am no domestic goddess or perfect housewife, my friends will be nodding their heads furiously in agreeance upon reading this post. I usually have to dust off the Hoover (vacuum) and I couldn't tell one end of a Swiffer from the other, however I do like pretty things and maybe just maybe if I had some prettier householdy stuff then I may become the next Anthea Turner (oddball and anal retentive from UK's perfect Housewife). 

For enviromental reasons we've opted not to buy a Clothes Dryer so I'm feeling very 50's housewife when I hang out my smalls on our new rotary dryer. We'll see if we can last through the Winter here in Edmonton without one, and should I come knocking on your door with an Ikea bag stuffed full of wet washing you know I've cracked, but till then I will be whistling Doris Day tunes as I pin out my clothes... hmmmm maybe I need a matching pinny! (Apron) 

Here she is in action

Where did I get my inspiration for this from? why the billion beautiful flowers in my garden, isn't this a pretty picture til you realise that every one of those yellow heads is a flaming Dandelion that needs pulling up.

Maybe you guys can help me out, If you know an eco-conscious way of ridding my yard of these wee beasties, please let me know, or failing that a really good recipe for Dandelions :)

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spidermom said...

i say let em be ;) i've recently decided that dandelions are lovely and amazing plants, and its really a shame we've decided to hate them and call them weeds. look at their stages of development? yellow flower to fluffy seeds and amazing powers of propagation! and anyway, they're only around for the spring...or maybe i'm just too influenced by the 3 year old shouting out everywhere we go "there's my favorite flowers!!!"

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