Tuesday, May 17, 2011

HMDH - The Return of the Smelly Hippy

Me looking away from the sun and looking like I have one leg, attractive non?

Smelly Hippy? no I'm not talking about me, really I'm not, no honestly it's the name of the refashion! Imagine it, the wearer of this, dancing around with bells on her ankles and reeking of Patchouli Incense sticks. It started off as a floor length skirt and yes I am aware that longer skirts are en Vogue right now but I've ignored many a style and not been stoned by angry villagers so I think I'm safe avoiding this one.

I cut into the skirt to make armholes then added an elastic cuff at the bottom for added smelly hippy chic then because the neckline was the old waistline and elasticated, pinching at stitching it to give a v neck made it fit properly and added a nice detail I think to an otherwise plain front. The stripes go a bit wonky because of the sleeves but who cares a belt round it hides this and cinches the waist for a more nipped in look.

This is so comfy and since the weather is gorgeous right now I can see myself getting many wears out of this one.

Before pic including bells and beaded threaded waist band
So how did I get back to the sewing machine without sewing standing up? last post I talked about getting a sewing table at a Garage Sale and lo and behold that same day I picked up the perfect sewing table for $2 at a garage sale, and a (boring but necessary) office chair to go with it, $7 all in, what a score!
Needs to be fixed up but it works for now.

Still need to figure out how to use my Dressmakers dummy without taking it up and down stairs for photos, but that's another days sorting out.

It's great to be back people.


Meg Needles said...

that dress is amazing! You did a great job. I love it.

Course of Perfection said...

So very creative...wonky or not. :^D

Karen said...

from new follower - saw your work on craftster -- what a lovely dress, and I <3 that sewing table!

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