Monday, May 2, 2011

Moving House Disruption

We moved in Saturday, a great change to be out of a rented apartment where people think it's funny to set off fire alarms at 3.45am, that's finally behind us and baby Noah is reacquainting himself with GRASS!

Anyway this is just a mini post to let you all know to expect some disruption to my Mon, Wed, Fri posts, since my sewing machine is still boxed up as is all my fabric and the rest of the sewing paraphernalia.

Stay tuned though, check out some of the other 100+ posts I've made this year and I'll be back on line soon probably with updates on my house too, an older property (for Canada) a young whippersnapper by English comparison (1970's) but with great bones that just needs a lot of TLC.

See you all soon



emmalemma said...

Good luck with all the "fun" unboxing! :)

Meg Needles said...

congrats! I hope to be moving as some point this summer- so I know what an awesome thing it is to do!

Anonymous said...

Many happy memories in this home of yours. Wish I was there to help you. So you can get to your posting. Okay-Okay I am selfish:)

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