Friday, April 29, 2011

Keep calm, there's always the Ginger one!

So the deed is done, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridgeshire they are to be known as, and Kate Middleton will be rushing to the bank to change all her accounts over to Mrs Kate Mountbatten-Windsor or maybe she's a thoroughly modern Millie and adding her name to the hoity toity mix, maybe Mountbatten-Windsor-Middleton or Middleton Mountbatten Windsor, who knows, or even cares!

Now clearly my invitation is sat on the mantelpiece but because of the move I had to respectfully decline, that and the fact that all me best frocks are all boxed up, darn it!

I wasn't even in the Country but these ladies definitely came out all guns blazing on the Fashion front, it would seem that crazy hats were the order of the day, and if you're not British you should probably know that Cilla Black passed a law that makes it illegal to attend a wedding in the UK without a ridiculously crazy hat. Serious, Wikipedia told me :) 


TPT, the adorable and undeniably crazy-as-a-box-of-Frogs Royal and the forever hat loving Princess Beatrice and Eugene (Fergies daughters)

My all time fave Royal has to be the lovely Zara Philips, she is my kind of girl and what I wouldn't have given to be a fly on the wall when she first introduced her delicious bit of rough, Rugby Player Mike Tindall to the family. You know you're boyfriend is a giant hunk of manliness when all your portraits are in landscape!

So there, my final post before the move, and a Royal wedding blog featuring only Royal outfits and one that couldn't give a gnats chuff what Skinny ba-linky Beckham was wearing, oh or even the Bride for that matter ha ha

So if you wanted to see more of the wedding would you believe that there are official photos available to view on Flickr? some great ones here.

and remember, keep calm, Harry's not looking too shabby these days!


emmalemma said...

I love it! I read an article today complaining about all the wedding coverage on the news, that it's mindless fluff taking away from the things that really matter, but if we can't take time to celebrate the good things in life what's the point on dwelling on wars and budget problems? I say that it's a beautiful thing to celebrate a wedding and what a spectacle! :) Maybe one day I'll make it into a high enough income bracket to attend a party like that!! haha

Meg Needles said...

Oh the hats! How I need an excuse for fancy hats in my life!

ruby murray said...

my point exactly emmalemma, as an eccentric nation we tend to go all out, and for the months leading up to today it's been a welcome distraction I think for everyone, what's wrong with mindless fluff anyway!!. I'm not saying it's the most important piece of news especially since Alabama but this is a day in history that should be remembered fondly, the UK deserve a bit of fun and frivolity. Just wish I was at home for a good ol' fashioned knees up!

Erica Louise said...

Hahahaha - good ol' Cilla. I loved Tara PT's dress, electric blue-galoo!

Made me miss England just a little watching the events too.

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