Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ruby Murray and the Horrifyingly Hirsute Home

So I've been coaxed out of my cleaning, tidying, box opening, repeat cycle by a lovely Anonymous reader, (ooh I feel so special having 'readers') I'm working on a secret gift at present that I can't share til next week and the beloved Bessie (my sewing machine) is still packed away, not for long though I promise.

Ok so you're wondering what's with the title, and no the picture is not my home... or me for that matter, (I don't do Polar Fleece!) well I've been cleaning and cleaning and cleaning and having lived in my house for 5 days I have drawn the following assumptions.

My home was previously owned by:
* The worlds hairiest people
* someone operating some kind of hairy animal breeding facility, I deduce that the bathroom and bedroom drawers were (cue overused MTV Cribs quote) 'where the magic happens'.
* people who collected coloured Bathroom suites, two Blue, one Grey!
* people who think that pouring sand, tar and molten plastic onto a plain countertop will somehow turn said countertop into a Granite masterpiece.

Awful decor and suprisingly hairy drawers aside I seriously love this house, and once I've given this place a serious Centre parting I may feel brave enough to share photos.


Erica Louise said...

I remember when I moved into a house in the UK many years ago and actually cried because it was so disgusting! Hang in there, once you clean all that hair out, and add your own touches, I'm sure it will be a fabulous home.

Meg Needles said...

Ew! I guess I've been blessed to not have never moved into a super dirty apartment- but give it time, I'm sure I'll find a nightmare.

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